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Tottenham Hotspurs have been struggling upfront this season.

Robert Huth says Arsenal Indirectly Spurred Them to the Title

Leicester City managed a shock title win last season, but defender Robert Huth claims that it may have not been possible without the help from Arsenal.

Robert Huth is an indispensable figure for Claudio Ranieri

Robert Huth played a crucial part in Leicester City’s Premier League winning season during their campaign of 2015-16 and the German defender is expected to once again be in the heart of Claudio Ranieri’sdefence as the next season is edging closer and closer.

Robert Huth Due For New Contract

Robert Huth is being offered a new deal by Leicester.

The new deal would be part of the strategy of the club to secure the future of the squad that has won several titles. Leicester has seen Robert be a pivotal figure in lifting the trophy of the Premier League. He is now being offered a new contract by the club. The new contract comes before 12 months are over for the Leicester City player who has helped the club to be champions of the Premier League.

Leicester offer Huth new deal

Leicester City has offered Robert Huth a new deal as they seek to secure the long-term future of their squad. Indeed, with the performance of the Leicester players, there are no doubts that there are going to be many clubs that may be coming for their players.

Robert Huth may get Worst Decision from Football Association

The Football Association is expected to come up with a decision regarding Robert Huth later today and it is most likely that the Toffees centre half will be handed a suspension.

Huth appeared to be getting a little violent with the opposition player Marouane Fellaini in an away match against Manchester United last month.

Huth was angry with Fellaini for some reason and he seemed to be dragging him by his hairs.

The reaction on that was obviously not going to be polite from the Manchester United player. He lost his temper as well and elbowed Huth which was also an act of violence.

Ritchie de Laet could enjoy the rare possibility of winning Premier League

Ritchie de Laet could enjoy the rare possibility of winning both the Premier League and Championship medals at the same time.

He is currently with Middlesbrough in the Championship. The team may have slipped out of the top in recent weeks, but there is a very good chance of Middlesbrough still ending up as well Championship winners. However, the former Manchester United defender joined the Championship team only in January and he will spend time until the end of the season as he is only on a loan deal.

Robert Huth breaks Premier League record

The 31 year old defender of Leicester City, Robert Huth has carved his name in the history books of the Premier League after becoming the German player with most appearances in the top tier English League. Robert Huth is a consistent starter for Leicester City and has helped the club in reaching the top spots of the league with impressive performances.

Harry Redknapp believes that the signing of Robert Huth

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp believes that the signing of Robert Huth has been a major attribute in the club’s current form.

The former Chelsea defender may have become a journeymen in recent years after having played for clubs like Stoke City amongst others. However, he continues to be an impressive player wherever he has been. Redknapp saw Huth help Leicester City avoid relegation when he was on loan at the club last season. This appears to have convinced the club to make a permanent offer for the former German international.

After a successful loan season with Leicester City, Robert Huth joins them permanently

Robert Huth signed a loan deal with Leicester City on February of the current year and with the arrival of the German defender, the club went through a positive string of results as Leicester City won 7 of their last 9 matches of the previous Premier League season.

Huth helped Leicester City fight for their stay in the Premier League and the German player was rewarded for his efforts by receiving a permanent contract offer from Leicester City as the 30 year old defender signed a 3 year long permanent deal.

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